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The IBM series are character-addressable machines, each location being six bits labeled B, A, 8, 4, 2 and 1, plus an odd parity check bit C and a word mark bit M. For encoding digits 1 through 9, B and A are zero and the digit value represented by standard 4-bit BCD in bits 8 through 1.

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For most other characters bits B and A are derived simply from the "12", "11", and "0" "zone punches" in the punched card character code, and bits 8 through 1 from the 1 through 9 punches. A "12 zone" punch set both B and A, GPC face bani "11 zone" set B, and a "0 zone" a 0 punch combined with din pp binar others set A.

Thus the letter A, which is 12,1 in the punched card format, is encoded B,A,1.

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This allows the circuitry to convert between the punched card format and the din pp binar storage format to be very simple with only a few special cases. One important special case is digit 0, represented by a lone 0 punch in the card, and 8,2 in core memory.

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BCD alphamerics are encoded using digit pairs, with the "zone" in the even-addressed digit and the "digit" in the odd-addressed digit, the "zone" being related to the 12, 11, and 0 "zone din pp binar as in the series. A variable length Packed BCD numeric data type is also implemented, providing machine instructions that perform arithmetic directly on packed decimal data. All of these are used within hardware registers and processing units, and in software.

Din păcate, acest lucru este posibil doar pentru puțini oamenicare au cunoştinţe de limbă germană şi curaj să facă acest pas. Însa de ce să nu profităm de cei peste 80 de milioane de germani care vor primi în curând posibilitatea de a devenii membrii a celei mai noi filiale SCNet World.

The MicroVAX and later VAX implementations dropped this ability from the CPU but retained code compatibility with earlier machines by implementing the missing instructions in an operating system-supplied software library.

This is invoked automatically via exception handling when the defunct instructions are encountered, so that programs using them can execute without modification on the newer machines.

Definiții și identități[ modificare modificare sursă ] Termenul de genderqueer își are originea în revistele queer din anii '80 și este un precursor al termenului non-binar.

The Intel x86 architecture supports a unique digit ten-byte BCD format that can be loaded into and stored from the floating point registers, from where computations can be performed. There are tricks for implementing packed BCD and din pp binar decimal add—or—subtract operations using short but difficult to understand sequences of word-parallel logic and binary arithmetic operations.

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