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Examples[ edit tonul jetoanelor A tell may be common to a class of players or unique to a single player. Some possible tells include leaning forward or back, placing chips with more or less force, fidgetingdoing tonul jetoanelor tricks, displaying nervous tics or making any changes in one's breathing, tone of voice, facial expressions, direction of gaze or in one's actions with the cards, chips, cigarettes or drinks.

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Players who hold strong hands tend to try to disguise their hand as being weak. They attempt to fly under the radar by being a passive player at the table - not making direct eye contact, tonul jetoanelor jetoanelor tossing the chips in, being friendly and talkative.


They are deliberately trying not to come across as intimidating, so as to entice a call. Online tells[ edit ] Non-physical tells exist in both casino and online pokerbut tells like speed of play, betting patterns, the quantity of chips that a player plays tonul jetoanelor, and player chat can be particularly revealing online.

An unskilled player may misread a weak hand as a strong hand and thus their tells will only indicate this misinterpretation.

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Players can also make mistakes that may seem like a tell, like fumbling chips out of tonul jetoanelor or betting the wrong amount online when clicking the tonul jetoanelor button.