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Economy[ edit ] Haiphong is a major economic center tranzacționare nknh the North in particular and Vietnam in general both. Under French domination, Haiphong was level 1 city, equal to Saigon and Hanoi.

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The last years of the 19th century, the Tranzacționare nknh had proposed to build Haiphong into the economic capital of Indochina. InHaiphong state budget tranzacționare nknh reached 34, billion Vnd. Government plans that toHaiphong's revenues will be over 80, billion and the domestic revenue reach Haiphong is striving to become one of the largest commercial centers of the country.

Major products include fish sauce, beer, cigarettes, textiles, paper, plastic pipes, cement, iron, pharmaceuticals, electric fans, motorbikes, steel pipes and ships and out-sourcing software implementation.

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Shipbuilding, steel pipes, plastic tranzacționare nknh and textiles are among the industries with the most rapid growth. PetroVietnam set up a joint-venture PVTex with textile manufacturer Vinatex to build Vietnam's first polyester fiber plant in Haiphong.

The factory will use by-products from oil-refining and reduce reliance on imported materials.

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Despite its coastal location, sea fish contribute relatively little to the sector around one fourth. However, these sectors still account for almost a third of total tranzacționare nknh in Haiphong, a larger share than industry. Demographics[ edit ] Haiphong is the third most populous city in Vietnam, with a population of 2.

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Haiphong's crude birth rate was recorded at Life expectancy at birth was estimated at Infant mortality rate was measured at In the same census, the city's out-migration was 1.